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Welcome to HOO HA! Enterprises, the award winning company that makes maths games to improve children's number-sense and numeracy skills. HOO HA! is a godsend for parents, teachers and children.

HOO HA! maths games are easy to learn, great fun to play, as well as genuinely educational and competitive! The games are curriculum based, providing engaging and effective practice of those crucial, need to know numeracy facts.

Our Games

HOO HA! games, cover times tables, multiplication factors and number-bonds,
providing valuable practice in those key subject areas.
HOO HA! games come in box sets with differing levels of difficulty.
The multi-sensory nature of the game-play means the games are inclusive.
The games are accessible to children with Special Educational Needs.

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Super HOO HA!
HOO HA! Times Table Set 1
HOO HA! Times Tables Set 2
HOO HA! Times Tables Set 3

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The games have been extensively tested among primary school children and educationalists across the UK.

We hold sessions in schools, teacher training colleges and maths clubs. If you are interested in finding out more or booking a demonstration of how the games would be of benefit to your pupils or if you would like class sets of the games, send us an email at .

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If you think your customers would enjoy our games, you can place a trade order at It's incredibly easy to do and we give free demo copies with your first order of games.


We're always looking to work with new people, companies and brands to partner with. In the past we've collaborated with Herts for Learning, librettist, Martin Riley and University of Malta.
Our games are recommended by Number Partners and National Numeracy and also featured as part of the Daily Telegraph, numeracy campaign Make Britain Count.
If you'd like to work with us, there's a good chance we'd really like to work with you. Please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

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